They are minimal College requirement; person departments or products have more Honors requirement.

They are minimal College requirement; person departments or products have more Honors requirement.

Off-Campus Majors

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Scripps college students may petition for awards in off-campus discipline if that important has honors together with the individual suits both off-campus honors criteria and Scripps low requirement for awards as consider:

Once the off-campus significant has actually awards at one college and never at another, students should go through the program for the institution that gives awards, but also in unusual instances may petition the commission on scholastic review on an exception. In example, the petition must through 321chat reviews the low element needed by the audience (like, additional or certain instruction or minimal thesis length) and should appropriate every with the off-campus biggest agent and reader(s) and also the Scripps agent and reader(s).

Intercollegiate Programming

For intercollegiate programs wherein no awards biggest system happens to be identified in the Scripps and other list, Scripps kids may petition for honors for the significant. Minimal respects requisite are going to be as follow:

Self-Designed Important

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In a self-designed biggest, this is the investment of professors members involved with that self-designed biggest to accept an awards program and also discover the element for awards offered each student suits the Scripps minimum needs for honors as follow:


Scripps slight obligations must came across if the minor emerges at Scripps. For a long list of minors offered by Scripps, refer to the Majors and Minors area.

Students going to finish a slight ought to declare the slight previously following the sophomore annum by completing a small declaration form, like agreement from the student’s Scripps agent and a mentor during the specified small location in study. A announcement version must certanly be published to the Registrar no after in comparison to deadline to provide classes within the last semester of registration. Satisfactory conclusion of a will be calculated by passing score throughout necessary training courses with a minimum of degree stage regular of 6.0 (C) or more.

Obligations for minors at Scripps university are identified by divisions and so are indexed in the list underneath the outlines associated with the departmental training. All minors comprise at the least six session training or their equivalent. Doing one course may increase matter between a and a slight or between two minors (although also a or common need). People may surpass this double depending limit if the final number of unduplicated tuition regarding the approved declaration form for each lesser has reached smallest five tuition. At minimum half the small guides must taken at Scripps, except in which this legislations was especially waived.

Several off-campus minors in professions certainly not offered at Scripps can be obtained at Pitzer or Pomona educational institutions. What’s needed the off-campus slight is found, but also in all example must involve at least six term instruction or the company’s equal. The aforementioned two fold depending limits implement. The slight form is licensed by the off-campus professors slight agent in addition to the Scripps adviser and big agent.

Students may petition within the educational coverage Subcommittee for a self-designed slight. The application must put:

A summary of the lesser as well as discovering goal.

A description with regards to why/how the planned little try an intellectual course of study with a unified and defined topic.

Description as to why recommended small is not to be covered by pre-existing classes of analysis readily available with the Claremont schools.

Claims from 1 or higher professors who’ll be using the services of the learner defending and supporting the application. The declaration within the staff must fix the basis for doing this course of study and exactly why the current parts of study within 5Cs try not to serve.

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